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To some it is just soap. It is just the byproduct of the hydrolysis of a fat by an alkali. To others it is more, far more. It can be that exquisitely fragrant beauty bar that makes your skin so soft. It can be that pure, wholesome, hypoallergenic cleaning product that gets you clean without irritating your skin. And to some, it is a way of self-reliance, getting back to the ways of our ancestors and keeping track of the old skills.

SB Soap is for any soap maker or anyone interested in making soap. It does not matter if you are a novice or a professional. Everyone is welcome. SB Soap is regionally focused on the central coast of California. Our charter is to provide a meeting place for local soapers to share their experiences and combine purchasing power when buying ingredients. Much of what we have is applicable for everyone though some will be of more use for local soapers.

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